A Mother’s Worst Horror

A mother’s worst horror is to know their child is walking towards death, and this couldn’t be more represented than by Marie Anderson of their small town in nowheresville Virginia. When she found her child slumping up against the bleachers of the school pep rally, fuddled and high, she marched over and grabbed her child … Continue reading A Mother’s Worst Horror



There are few things a family can do after a divorce. Can it even be called a family anymore? June couldn’t tell. There weren’t many days when the family got together even before her parents got a divorce, but Friday just seem to be that one day when they’d at least play scrabble. They had … Continue reading Scrabble

Making Friends

Due to his mother’s insisting complaints about how he didn’t have any new friends ever since he moved to a new city, he found himself outside 22C, his neighbor’s apartment. He stopped short of knocking before going back to fiddling with his shirt. What if they thought he was weird? He was never really good … Continue reading Making Friends