Fuck in Melted Crayons

The word fuck dripped in melted crayon, spilling over the side of the cardboard and onto the floor. She watched as her children belted the words with a blow dryer. A 3rd grade art project, she briefly wondered what her teacher would think before dismissing it. They probably wouldn’t care. It wasn’t like she cared. … Continue reading Fuck in Melted Crayons



They clapped against the floorboard, stepping in time with the singer’s voice and guiding him through the crowd. Everyone turned and dipped their partners, moving on to the next pair. He swung his foot and arm to catch the next person, and everything was repeated. The music wailed out of the instruments, and a bucket … Continue reading Perhaps

Acid and Fire

His body dripped onto the floor in puddles and raindrops, two protruded from the sides and contrasting human eyeballs with a mouth sat near the top. It sent shivers down her spine, and she started to cry. Cartoon slimy creatures were always cute on tv, but they weren’t in real life. “Oh, now don’t cry. … Continue reading Acid and Fire

Joe Myers

“It’s all about the little details, my friend.” Joe Myers was a chill dude in all respects. Saggy jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt, his matted blond hair hung around his head in waves, topped off with a green winter hat no matter the season. He shook his head in a rocking motion like he … Continue reading Joe Myers