Cookies and Blackholes

The ship rumbled, displacing Popet as she steadied herself back on her chair. The seatbelt held her back from tumbling out and breaking her neck, but with the disturbance, she didn’t feel confident that her seatbelt was going to be able to protect her from being thrown around. Beside her, her partner, Tulri, held his head in his right hand but kept his left firmly on the command keyboard.

“Hold on, Tulri. We’ll get through this.”

“Mmm, yeah.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Tulri steady his right hand on the keyboard, flying over it to maintain balance. She went back to her side of the command, and went to work trying counter against the gravitational pull of the black hole.

It was really there fault, daring to go out this far on their mission. All they had to do was go to the Planet Ohr and drop off some supply ships, but curiosity took them by the collar and next thing they knew, they were fighting to stay alive.

Her fingers pounded the keyboard making a ruckus of noise in synch with Tulri’s, but it seemed to be no use against the black hole. She gritted her teeth and frantically scanned her eyes, trying to find a break in their command system that she could use to get them out.

Symbols and numbers flew right across. Engine. Rockets. Main frame. What was it; what was it.

She kept scanning through, her mind reeling through a whirlwind of possibilities. All of them ended in disaster, and when the rocket slipped from her grasp and jolted, she panicked and continued pushing through.

They had managed to gain control of the ship, but their loss had meant being pulled closer to the black hole.

Cooling. Break room.

That’s it, she cried, the break room.

“Tulri, it’s the break room. Cut off the oven and electricity there, and I think that’ll get us out.”

“Ehh? But my cookies are still baking!”

“Do you want to live or not?”

Tulri grumbled a bit before pulling up a new window, where with a few strokes of the keyboard, he stopped the flow of energy in the break room. On her end, Popet saw the engine’s battery rise, and she pulled the switch, shooting them out of the gravitational pull.

Once they had shot out far enough away from the black hole, Popet leaned back in victory. Then she looked over at Tulri, who was slumped over his chair.

“Cookies, really?” He shrugged and grinned sheepishly.

“It kind of forgot my mind they were still in there, and I just said it without really thinking.”

Popet facepalmed. This was her right hand man. 


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