Acid and Fire

His body dripped onto the floor in puddles and raindrops, two protruded from the sides and contrasting human eyeballs with a mouth sat near the top. It sent shivers down her spine, and she started to cry. Cartoon slimy creatures were always cute on tv, but they weren’t in real life.

“Oh, now don’t cry. I’m not going to hurt you.” Its voice was soothing and tranquil, like a pond in the middle of night. She could even feel the cool night breeze calm her down, but when she opened her eyes she started crying again.

The creature sighed.

“I’m sorry I scared you. Is there anything I can do?”

When she didn’t stop crying, the creature slouched down, spreading out into a puddle. Its face was as thoughtful as a creature without eyebrows could be, and she noticed it. Giggling, she clapped her hands.

“Oh? Do you like it when I spread out into a puddle?”

She nodded and waved her feet. Through the bars of her crib, she saw the slimy creature twist its mouth into a smile, and it thinned itself out more. She let out a squeal and kept clapping her hands to encourage the creature. It continued spreading out until filled the whole floor, and then straightened back up.

“I’m sorry. There’s only so much time I can spend in that form. It is much easier for me to maintain this one in this planet.”

She cocked her head and held out her arms.

“Do you want me to hold you? I am sorry. I do not know what would happen if I touched you in this form. You see, I am made of acid.”

The baby didn’t understand and only waved her arms more. Using the bars of her crib, she pushed herself up and tried to get closer to the acid creature.

The acid creature smiled, and the baby even heard a small chuckle come out. But then the door swung open.

“Thalri? What are you doing here? It’s time to go. I’ve set everything up.”

“Yes, sir. I was just looking at the baby.”

The baby turned to the creature at the door and fell back down onto her bottom, tears welling up in her eyes.

It was drooping with acid just like the creature she had been playing with, but its looks were more stern, the eyes bulged more, and in the darkness of the door, a more sinister look shadowed it. Its voice was the polar opposite of the creature she played with, cold, bitter, and hard like steel on a blade.

Thalri nodded and smiled one last time at the baby.

“I am sorry I was not able to play with you more.”

Thalri followed its partner out the door, and the baby tried to say a couple of words, waving its arms for Thalri to come back, but Thalri didn’t look back and closed the door.

Just as Thalri had closed the door, smoke drifted into the room, and the baby looked up. The smoke filled the space where her dangler hanged, and soon some drifted into her nose. She started to cough and in turn, started to cry. Her chest felt compressed, and the air was sticky. She wanted it to stop, but the smoke kept coming in.

“Daisy? Daisy? Oh my god, Daisy!”

The acid on the floor of her room dragged the fire into her room as her mother opened the door.




Author’s note: I kind of feel like a monster for writing this :(, but Daisy (the baby) lives, don’t worry!


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