Dad did Something Bad…Really Bad

The bedsprings groaned under his weight as he jumped up and down on his bed. His mother laughed as she walked over, grabbing him by his waist and setting him on the bed. He rolled over, avoiding his mother’s tickles.

“Stop it!” Laughter left his mouth when his mother managed to catch him.


The two of them continued like that for a minute before his mother finally conceded, and shooed him underneath the blanket.

“Now, come on Jameson. You have to get to bed.” Jameson pouted but followed his mother’s orders and slunk underneath. His mother pulled the blanket up to his chin, and he smiled. He stopped when he saw his mother reaching over to shut off the lamp.

“Mom, what happened to dad?” His mom jumped a bit before turning towards him, startled.

“What made you ask that, sweety?”

If Jameson was honest, school was a nightmare that day. It was all about dads and dads and more dads, and all the kids kept asking him why he never talked about his own, and when he said he didn’t have one, they all just stared at him strangely. But he couldn’t tell this to his mom, his mom would just ask him to tell him what their names were and start calling the principal, and he didn’t want that.

“Max was talking about how his dad took him camping last week.”

“Mmm,” Jameson cringed and sunk down lower. His mom was smarter than he thought.

“Well, your dad, is in a very particular situation.”

“Really? How?”

She cleared her throat and fuddled with his blanket.

“Just peculiar, shouldn’t you be getting to bed soon?” Jameson didn’t like how his mom tried to avoid the topic.

“How peculiar?”

“Your dad…did some very bad things,” she started off slowly, “bad things, you know, that you should never do, and he had to serve his punishment. Like how mom tells you to go to your room when you do something bad.”

“But what kind of thing did he do that was so bad?”

“A very very bad thing, Jameson. Now get to bed, it’s late.” With that, his mom didn’t leave any room for Jameson to protest and shut off the lamp. The next thing he knew, his mom had shut the door.

Jameson sighed and stared up at his ceiling.


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