The Bells of Meows

        Inhaling, my shoulders relaxed as the smoke burned through my lungs. Screw it all, in my opinion. Drugs and cigars are gonna’ kill me, but what’s the point if we’re all gonna’ die anyway? My shoes clicked against the concrete street, and several cars drove past me. Besides us, we were the only ones making noise. I leaned down pull my cap over my eyes and slouched down the street.

        Glass crinkled underneath my shoes, and I reached down to my bag beside me, making sure the coins didn’t ring too loudly. Being the best beggar in the city had its cons after all.

        Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a hand creeping out of the alleyway I was coming up to. I didn’t stop and instead grabbed a shard of glass and kicked it towards the hand. It hit, and I heard a loud yelp before it rescinded into the alleyway. A couple of bills flew out, and I dropped down to pick it up before heading my way.

        Well, not really.

        Flicking off the ash on my cigarette, I blew a kiss to the moon, the smoke leaving my mouth in puffs.

        Being the best beggar meant being the king of the streets after all. Nobody could defy me and the money I could get. I was practically a millionaire. I snickered at the irony before grabbing the bag at my waist to hold it up to my eye, jiggling it to hear the coins.

        Ahh, this was the life.

        Another flash of color flashed into the rearview of my eye, and I snapped up, gripping my bag and standing still. Rolling Hills Apartments were always filled with suckers and smokers. The druggies and drunks would be coming soon, and I needed to get to a bar. I turned my heel to scurry on to Vivi’s Bar a corner away. A fake Chinese bar filled to the brim where I’d be willing to lift a couple pounds off my pouch.

        But then I felt a weight drag down his pack, and it slipped from my hold. Panic grabbed me, and I felt it shred to bits as the weight left my hands.

        When I turned around, two furry ears and a tail meowed through the fabric of the pack. I lunged forward, but then another pair of claws jumped forward and hit my face, leaving the other one to dash away. I could hear its feet pattering away as my foot slipped and a shard of glass stabbed my back. The furry bastard jumped off me, scurrying after its companion, as I tried to push myself back up. My hand was accosted by another shard of glass, and I flinched.

Damn, these streets really needed to be cleaned up.



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