Doors of Debate

In the halls of congress and high heels, teenagers mulled around with memo pads and pens fumbling in their hands. Their suits and skirts wandered from senate chamber to restrooms. One senate chamber in particular stood out, and the real professionals unfortunately passing by stared at the doors.

The professional shrugged and made their way. Time passed, and a young girl jumped out, pulling her hair out of its tight bun. Her heels clicked their way to the water fountain, where she pulled back her hair before leaning back to take a deep breath. The doors opened behind her once more and a young boy followed, his hands pulling back his short hair and loosening his tie. The girl turned around to face him, and they started to hold a stand off.

“Oh? So, what’re you doing here. Here to talk about how your argument was vastly superior to mine, and that my bill sucked?”

The boy rolled his eyes.

“Of course you think the world revolves around you. For your information, I came to get some water.”

The girl humphed and stood to the side as the boy leaned down to get a sip of water. When he came back up for air, he faced the girl.

“Senate chamber ain’t good enough for you, huh, Smith?”

She glared up at him through her glasses.

“Back to you Chang, or else you’d be walking right back to that room.”

“Nice to know we’re on the same page, but did you really think that kind of bill was going to pass?”

“It would’ve if you hadn’t come up and talked smack about the minor details, which were unrelated.” She stressed unrelated with a sneer of her tongue, and Chang leant back, his hands in his pockets.

“Unrelated, yes, but you just have to deal with it. I was asked by a nice lobbyist to shut down your bill, and you sure bet that I would.”

Smith clicked her tongue.

“You jerk.”

“My specialty, ma’am. No specific bias, just here for the pretty girls and debate.”

“If girls and debate’s what you’re here for, can’t you grow some morals? I’d like to see you fight passionately for once.”

“Oh?” Chang had a sneaky look in his eyes.

Shit, Smith thought, but it was too late.

“How about this? We’re breaking out for dinner in an hour, and how about I take you to that burrito joint. I personally like the steak and fries, but I’ll pay half of whatever you decide to get.”

“Half? What a cheapskate.”

Chang shrugged.

“A guy’s gotta do what he has to do. I haven’t spent that much for lunch, so it won’t be that big of an issue for me.”

Smith peered her eyes at him.

“Your first name’s Tom, right? Tom Chang.”

“Yep, and yours is Michelle Smith, correct? I’ll see you when breaks over, see you.” Chang gave a wink before heading off to the Senate chambers, leaving Smith to realize what had happened.

All throughout the last hour, Chang winked at her every time she went up to speak. Smith decided it was best to ignore him for the time being until he gave her a 50% discount on a burrito.





Author’s Note: Sorry if this is a bit confusing. This takes place during youth government. I tried my best to make it relative to everyone, but if you’re confused, some youth governments are held at a capitol building where students from many different schools gather to present mock bills and debate about them. Hope that helps 🙂 .


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