A Tire Can Be, But Not Love

“Yep, it’s flat.”

Tony cursed and kicked the side of the tire, hoping for a miracle. What was he waiting for thought? The tire to magically fill up with air. His partner, Jake, stood beside, calm and neutral, but inside he was a bit ticked off at the situation.

“We had to get a flat tire. Today, of all days too!”

“Well, nothing we can about it. Let’s just call ahead, and tell them we won’t be able to make it tonight.”

Tony cursed again and hit the side of his car. Jake reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, turning away his face.

They had felt the car jump after the pin had popped the tire and dashed over to the side of the highway. The cars started turning on their headlights as the sun set down, reminding Tony just what time it was.

“I told them. We can reschedule it later. For now, they seem pretty pissed at us.”

“Of course, who likes getting stood up on the first date?”

Jake picked at his collared jacket sleeve, examining his suit. The fancy Rolex watch on his wrist showed seven, 15 minutes after they had said they would meet them. Tony’s polished shoes clapped against the broken road and leaned beside the car as Jake walked up to him pulling out a cigarette.

“Want one?” Tony stared at it for a while before grabbing it shoving it into his mouth.

“I’ve been dry for months man, but sometimes you just have to.”

“Sorry, habit. Tell your doctor to blame it on me, will ya?”

“You bet, and I’m sending my hospital bill to you when I get lung cancer.”

The two men stood on the side of the road next to their broken down car, smoking puffs into the highway air. Jake blew it out in long whisps, while Tony tried to form it into a circle.

“Damn, how does Gandalf do it?”

“He’s a wizard. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. I just that it was something everyone could do.” Jake snorted, and flicked off some ashes.

“If we were wizards, we wouldn’t be stuck in this crummy situation.”

“Yeah, going to some random blind date our moms set up for us. What a joke.”

The two men were on their way to La Petite Mouton, a fancy high end restaurant downtown that they had to rent suites for. While the two were successful white collar workers respectively, their love lives left much to be desired, leaving their mothers decided to take things into their own hands.

The two shared an apartment on the other side of town, trying to find a way to deal with the situation. Tony glanced over at Jake.

“Nice suit by the way. Really fits you.”

“Really? Can’t say yours doesn’t make you too shabby. Though, grey really doesn’t suit you.” Jake shook his head, a grin on his face.

“Please, grey’s great. You’re just jealous.”

“Jealous of what? The fact that some pretty, upper middle class girl would be hanging off your arm the night?”

The truth settled in between them like the cars whizzing past. 

“Are you?”


“Are you jealous?” Jake shifted his foot and looked away. He crushed the cigar beneath his foot. Tony’s hadn’t been lighted yet.

“Maybe. Maybe. Just a bit. You?” Tony chewed on the end.

“Yeah, actually. Just a bit.”

“Do you know how we’re going to tell our moms?”

“No clue. Isn’t that why we made up this whole roommate thing, to make some time to come out properly?”

Jake looked Tony in the eye.

“I think we should tell them tonight, when we get back and have to tell them what happened.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, there’s no point in hiding it longer. I’m your boyfriend, Tony. Nothing’s going to change that.”

Tony swung an arm around Jake’s shoulder.

“Yeah, me too.” They held it each other like that for a minute before Tony let go to spit out his cigarette.

“Sorry, have to. Now, I don’t feel an urge anymore.”

“Way to ruin the moment.”

The two shared a smile before squatting down behind the car to watch cat videos on Jake’s phone. It would take a while for the pickup truck to come.




Author’s Note: Hopefully this isn’t too awkward. I don’t really feel like this kind of narrative needs a lot of description to be honest.


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