ATX-3; The Voices

(Subject ATX-3 functional. Clear.)

(All operations working. Clear.)

(Release the subject!)

A blast of cold air sweeps my feet, and I stumble through the door. The floor is white. The walls are white. I feel like I should feel cold, but I feel numb. The other side swings open, revealing a creature with large fangs and gangly body. I don’t see more than that, and I don’t need to since my feet take lead and I ram my leg down its face, crushing its skull and brain. The body drops to the floor, and I turn, my body slumped like before.

(a success?)

Then a claw grips my leg, and I turn around to swing it into the wall. I hear a resounding crack and then punch my fist in it one more time. The creature falls off the wall, and I wait a bit to make sure that it isn’t still alive. It doesn’t move, and a door opens up for me.


(did not kill on first blow. Wrong judgement.)

(Make corrections to the hearing and smell. Should be able to sense if still alive.)

(If it weren’t for the stupid beast, they’d never get it.)

(ATX-3 a failure.)

The words float in and out of the walls, passing through me like air. They’re voices in my head, jumping around my world called life. They are the only ones that I understand. They are the ones that tell me who I am.

I am ATX-3. I am a failure.



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