Last Ditch Memories

The old van ricocheted off the road, and the residents stood still.

“What was that?”

It seemed like it was finally time. Time for them to abandon the old meister and substitute it for a sleeker, newer van that would continue them on their journey. One girl in bright purple leggings prayed that that wouldn’t happen.

“Maybe it’s just the tires.”

The van burped, and the guy wearing sunglasses inside fell over on the couch.

“Or not.”

They stayed like that, waiting to see what the decision was. It rustled a bit more before settling back into a smooth descent. They were back.

The friends let out a yell, and the guy with sunglasses walked over to the driver’s to give the driver a pat on the back.

“Great job, TJ. Well, not really, but at least we don’t have to ditch this old guy.”

TJ cracked a smile.

“Yep, Morrison.”

Morrison knew that TJ didn’t really talk and went back to the cabin. The girl with purple leggings came up to him with bottles of water in her hand.

“I was going to switch with TJ after an hour or so, but I figure it might be best to do it now. After that heart attack, the guy deserves a break.”

“Right on it, Haley.”

Haley walked passed him, and Morrison looked at the rest of the van’s residents.

They were on a trip around the nation, traveling from North Carolina, all the way across to Seattle, Washington, and back down to New Orleans. It was their Senior year road trip, and as official adults now, they had planned one last memory before they went their separate ways.

“Alice, Charles, Finn, come on. Get your asses up and clean up the mess here.”

Alice rolled over in her blanket, making a cocoon around her.

“I’ll do it later.”

Charles and Finn were duking it out on the game console ever since they had survived the treacherous road. Ramen cup noodles sat beside them, and chip bags of different flavors were scattered. The crumbs leaked out, and empty soda bottles were piled up beside them. Morrison had to admit their corner was disgusting.

“Fine, Alice. Just make sure that your paint doesn’t spill anywhere. But seriously? Charl, Finn. This is disgusting, and I’m saying this.”

Finn threw a potato chip in his mouth.

“We’ll clean it up after this last game.”

Charles nodded.

“Just one more.”

Morrison sighed and drifted off to his own corner.

Being children of upper middle class parents, it was a miracle that they had managed to convince their parents this was a good idea. While Morrison was excited to have some more freedom before being sent to hell that was University, he did not think he would become the mom friend in their group. His responsible side was showing, but it was all his friend’s fault. Why were they such slobs?

The van they had rented wasn’t really a van, but more of a nice trailer park with AC, refrigeration, working toilet, and basically everything a house had. So yes, a trailer park, but calling it a van was much easier. The group of friends had saved up for this since the beginning of senior year, putting aside some money from their jobs. It was nice, but Morrison felt that it was becoming too much of a trash can to be be called “nice” anymore.

He sighed and leant his head back on the side couch, trying not to breathe in too much of the ramen smell. There wasn’t any point. His friends were slobs, and this was his final memory of them.

“Morrison, want to join? We’ll clean up right after this.”

Morrison opened his eyes and pushed himself off the couch to join Charles and Finn. Alice unrolled herself from the cocoon to wander over and eat Finn’s ramen. TJ stumbled in and dropped on the closest side couch beside the driver’s seat, which was coincidently, Morrison’s corner. Morrison grabbed Finn’s remote and started up a new game. Oh well, he could deal with it.


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